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I had booked an appointment with Kevin on April 2, 2014. Based on my previous experiences with RMTs, I expected a relaxing hour with him. And I was mistaken. Kevin has a different approach.

Kevin’s treatment clearly showed me he knew a lot especially with traditional Chinese methods. He worked on my problem areas, which wasn’t relaxing at all, but definitely much needed. He helped me work on my back, which is usually tight and tired. He explained to me how cupping works and it would hurt but is part of the process.

It’s good to know he gives me what I want but at the same time treats my areas of concern. It was definitely a bit different and sometimes uncomfortable but his process was necessary. I definitely felt better the next day as I slept deeply the night of my treatment. It is very rare that I get uninterrupted sleep. And I had to wake up with the alarm, which happens rarely as I am an early riser.

I would highly recommend Kevin to anyone who needs muscular treatment and blockages. He has a pair of strong, healing hands, vast knowledge in his work and a great attitude with his patients!

Jose Villablanca
Anytime Fitness
Club Manager, Fitness Expert

April 1, 2014. About a month ago I asked you about the severe tendinitis I was experiencing in my left knee. This made it hard to walk and definitely meant no cardio at the gym. After asking you whether you could help, I set up an appointment for later that week.

We’ve since had four sessoins together, but immediately after the first one, I could feel relief in knee and a definite lessoning of my pain. I was able to walk again without limping.

This was not the first time that I have had acupuncture, but it was the first time I had immediate relief. You also gave my leg a vigorous deep massage to aid in the healing.

I’ve already passed your name along to two people in my office, as I’m sure you’ll be able to help them as well.


Barry Thomas