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What is Xiangshan tea factory?

Menghai County of Xiangshan menghai County, Xishuangbanna tea factory is located in the beautiful city, the original subtropical rainforest, and mist all year round, rainfall, sunshine, provides a high quality Pu-Erh tea raw material for tea factory. Xiangshan menghai tea factory was built in 2005, the tea 500 tons/year, enterprises have the original raw materials base 2000 acres, 10,000-square-meter workshop, health, bright and spacious, equipped with advanced tea-making equipment and storage facilities, and there are a number of good tea processing technology and technicians and experts in business management.

Registered “Dai” brand tea trademarks, menghai tea old specializes in production and sale of high quality tea as raw material the mid-range tea boutique. Shan tea plant to “follow the tradition, and this is the source, flourish, evolving” as the concept of tea industry of people-oriented, continue to attract skilled workers, tea industry in hiring senior technicians and engineers. For thousands of years of tea quality, menghai tea rich in ancient tea trees old trees resources to rely on, is committed to specializing in the production of raw and cooked two kinds of refined tea and tea products; honesty and self-discipline, and combine efforts to expand the market, develop a strong competitive market, has made positive contributions to enhanced, Pu-Erh tea. Xiangshan menghai tea factory focused on research and development of Pu-Erh tea, good tea, carrying forward tea culture, the pursuit of natural, healthy, health and quality of life, giving classic Pu-Erh tea.

Tea Making Process


Xiangshan Shou Pu erh 2012 (250g)

Xiangshan Shou Pu erh







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