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Acupuncture – Massage – Reflexology




Massage Cupping therapy is becoming more recognized as another tool for massage therapists, bodyworkers, and other health care providers with manual or electric vacuum methods. When using these assorted cupping devises, one can work various acupressure points, meridian channels and zones for reflexology related services. This negative pressure pulls upward and away from the body surface which can alleviate the uncomfortable sensations of stagnation, heaviness, stiffness from congestion, edema and pooling of toxic build-up and debris which often expresses as skin symptoms of rashes, allergy, and so on.

When energy (chi) is compromised, blocked, or stuck, it is believed to contribute to a variety of disturbing conditions ranging from chronic pain, stiff muscles and joints, as well as disrupted organ regulation function.

Moving Cupping TherapyMassage Cupping can aid in numerous conditions:

  • Pre- and Post – Operative therapies (to shorten recovery time/enhance results)
  • Pain reduction
  • Skin toning and firming (cellulite minimized over time)
  • Joint mobility
  • Scar reduction (pigment/ surface texture/adhesions)
  • General detoxification (stagnation alleviated)
  • Release of contracted muscle tissue
  • Lymph Drainage
  • Assist with weight loss programs